About MATT

I consider myself a designer and artist because I love so many facets of design. I am always curious about how other creative people solve problems or just express themselves with creative solutions. I get excited seeing new ideas and it inspires me to also look at things from a different angle. I love solving communication problems with graphic design, creating art just because it’s fun to release that uninhibited creativity, or designing interior spaces that reflect who I am.

I live in Cincinnati and work from my own garage and home studio exploring different ways that excite me. I am available for freelance work and want to solve your problems as well. If you like someone who can hone in on a problem and present creative ways to solve them, then let’s talk!

If you are interested in talking more about my fine art and opportunities in that space, I am excited to do that as well.

Get in touch and let’s talk, what’s the harm in discussing ideas and possible opportunities! Thanks for visiting my page and have a great day!